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Cathleen Clay

Cathleen Clay

My husband and I have supported Peace Action for many years because we deeply believe in their wise, practical and effective efforts toward peace in the world. For the same reason, we have included Peace Action in our estate plan. We all recently learned that four countries in Africa and the Middle East are in great danger of experiencing severe famine, and the danger is largely due to the conflicts - the wars - in the region. Peace has been sought too often over the millennia of human history by trying to win wars, and the result of those efforts has almost always been more war. Peace Action, in contrast, seeks peace through advocating negotiation and through influencing and educating those in power to seek negotiated solutions. More importantly, the efforts of Peace Action are not only “as innocent as doves” but also “as shrewd as serpents.” The money raised is used carefully and cleverly. It is our hope and belief that our contributions will truly make the world a better place.

Cathleen Clay
Volunteer, Long Beach/South Bay Chapter

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